Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ellie's First Haircut

Today on a whim I decided to take Ellie to get her first haircut. Just kidding! I was super pre-meditated because, I mean, LOOK AT HER HAIR!

As you can tell, it was much needed. She had a mullet to rival all other 2 year old mullets. We took her to Cookie Cutters here in Bountiful and she loved it. They had a cute little play place near the entrance and she even got to sit on a pink elephant, a definite highlight. There was also tiny toys and Sofia the First involved, so really she was just in heaven the whole time. I was a little sad to give up my options for pig tails for a while, but I think it turned out so cute. She looks so grown up now! I even came home with a lock of her hair...I'm still deciding whether or not to keep it because I don't know, it that weird?

She spent the next few days pointing out her hair cut to everyone and their dog and asked me 6 bajillion times a day if I got a haircut too. If I tried to touch it though I was sternly told "no touch my haircut mom!" Stop getting so big Ellie Bean. Please?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

We had such a good Christmas this year. It was fast, furious and I feel like I've just now recovered from it. So worth it though! I'm starting on the 23rd just because I can't leave these few photos out. 

Our elf, Puff  (who was previously named Klaus but renamed by Ellie this year), finally remembered to bring Ellie her mini Christmas tree and we spent the morning setting it up. It was so fun to put on the littler ornaments. After it was set up Ellie had us join hands and dance around the tree and then she spent the rest of the morning worried if the Grinch was going to take her tree up the fireplace. She claimed she didn't want him to come, but she totally did. She loves that Grinch.


My mom invited Ellie over to decorate sugar cookies and allowed me to tag along. It was so fun watching my mom do some of the same things with Ellie that she did with me. I'm pretty sure that we even used the same rolling pin and pastry mat thing too. That thing is especially ancient. Ellie was so proud of her cookies and I didn't mind having extra treats to eat!

Last year I made these scones for Christmas Eve and I fell in love with them, so I decided to make it a tradition. You also just need to add water and on Christmas Eve that is a major plus. Ellie loves helping and since the process is so easy it doesn't totally drive me insane.

Before the scones Ellie came and woke me up as per usual but then set up camp in my bed and refused to leave until Santa came that night. Sadly, this child still has absolutely no concept of time. It just took a little coaxing and bribery. Our specialty.

I'm kind of getting out of order, but you know, it's fine. After the scones were made we set out to deliver our neighbor gifts that I bought in November!!! I was totally planning on delivering them the first week of December but you know, it's me. I struggle so hard. So there we were on Christmas Eve delivering our Christmas pops and you know what? It wasn't terrible. ALSO, if you're my neighbor, you'll probably receive a cranberry Sprite from me every Christmas until either you or I move. I would love to be crafty, but I also recognize that I'm me, so pop for all! After that we all got fresh Chrsitmas Eve showers and waiting for J.rue to get home from work.

A few days before Christmas I finally got around to setting up Ellie's kitchen that I was SO excited to give her for Christmas. Well, I opened it up ready to spend the 4 hours that was required and I pulled out the first big piece and it was...broken. Yes. Like sharp unfixable plastic broken. I was a little bit sad. Also, I got it for $46. After spending gobs of time online with Target I found out that they didn't sell that kitchen anymore. Of course! But they were so nice and sent me a similar kitchen for $1 more. Obviously, it didn't make it on time for Christmas but hey, now we are set for Ellie's birthday.

Anyway, that just needed to be recorded. When j.rue got home from work we packed up the car, stopped by Target to return the sad broken kitchen and then were off to my mom's to finish our Christmas Eve celebrations. Every Christmas Eve we have a soup bar with bread bowls. It was delicious as usual and I at my weight in soup. I loved spending time with my family. The conversation is never stale and we're not all together nearly enough.

After we ate we had a little Christmas program. We watched some lovely Christmas Mormon Messages and sang some carols. It ran a little longer than expected (as per usual) but refocusing on the Savior and the true meaning of the season is always one of my favorite parts.

After our program we piled into, like, 4 cars and went to deliver a box of food and presents for a family. We've done this every year for at least the last 10 years and we've accumulated some pretty good stories. They usually involve us driving around, lost, way too late at night, or getting caught. Both of those things happened this time too and we still had a great time.

After we did the drop we headed back to my mom's for dessert. We finally packed up and headed home around 11:30. This was the first year that we didn't sleep at one of our parents so we could start our own traditions. However, once we got home and Ellie had a total melt-down over putting Santa's cookies out we quickly realized that we're going to have to shorten our Christmas Eve down significantly to get Ellie home on time. I think Santa would also appreciate it.

Since we weren't sleeping at my family's house this year they decided to follow us to our house and have a sleep over. I loved it. They got there around midnight and we started wrapping. It was ridiculous and my house looked like Christmas exploded all over my living room. Around 2 a.m. we talked Micah and Cale into going to McDonalds for breakfast. We were all up talking and wrapping until about 3:30 and then I had a slight panic attack when I realized that it would take me no less than 3 weeks to recover. Sadly, that was completely true. It was worth it though. However, my mom beat us all and didn't get to bed until 5:30 a.m. I have no idea how she does it. But it always looks magical when she's done. This is  I right before we headed to bed. Haggard mom and baby as fresh as a daisy.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Ellie's First Snow Day

Technically, this isn't Ellie's first technical snow day, BUT this is the first day that she actually enjoyed being in the snow. This was last year:

...and this was this year:

We were up by 7 this morning and out the door by 7:20. She could hardly even contain her excitement as I yanked, tugged, and zipped all of her snow clothes on. It was so fun watching catch snowflakes on her tounge, eat the snow, and then try to make it through the feet of snow that we had gotten. We were in and out several times during the day. She was in heaven.

The snow was gorgeous. It's one of the many reasons that I love Utah. There's nothing like fresh snow and gobs of it. There was also crock pot chicken and dumplings for dinner, which topped off the coziness that was this perfect snow day.

The best part of the day? Dad got to have a snow day with us and he was even able to sneak out a few times during the day to build a tiny snowman...that fell over right as I was taking this picture of course.

Also, can I just say how much I love that you can download your whole snapchat story. I love it. Here's the one from today!

video video

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving was a good one. It was Cale's last holiday with us before he left on his mission so it was also bittersweet. Sending a brother off for 2 years is so hard! We managed to fit in some quality time over the long weekend though and made some good memories. We started a day early on Wednesday and went bowling & batting. It's one of those activities that everyone kind of complains about until we actually do it and then everyone ends up having a grand old time. Ellie even got her first strike.

On Thanksgiving morning j.rue headed off for his annual Turkey Bowl and the kids and I hunkered down and watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and read some Little Critter Thanksgiving. We loved The Peanuts and thought the Little Critter book was just ok. Honestly, the only way I could get Ellie to read it was bribing her with the stickers inside. If anyone has any good suggestions on children's Thanksgiving books, I'd love to hear them!

In between movies and books I was snagging some online deals and I noticed Ellie was sneaking upstairs where Fitz was sleeping. I tried to shut her down but she turned on her Ellie charm and told me she was just going to "go upstairs to growl Fitzy, like moster". Again, I tried to put the kibosh on that but she said, "no worry mommy, me growl at Fitzy, I nice monster." Of course I couldn't resist so I followed her upstairs and she did as she promised and only growled tiny nice growls at her little brother. He humored her with a few smiles and then ended up crying even though she was "so nice". And her hair, monstrous, yes? After her growling antics were over she looked at me and said, "monster want tiny mango!" So we headed downstairs for some delicious Costco dried mangos. She's such a sweetheart. I love watching her imagination run wild.

Once we were ready for the day we went on a tiny walk. Ellie is still trying to get pedaling down, thank goodness for the pusher! It was frigid though so we didn't last long. Then we packed up the car (which I'm pretty sure included about half the contents of our house -- kids!) and headed up to Ogden to start cooking.

While we cooked we watched the parade and the dog show. Like always, my mom did a great job with the dinner and it was fun being in the kitchen with her. She makes the best stuffing. The best. The actual dinner was a little chaotic with 3 kids but we all managed to eat our food while it was still hot. It's the tiny victories.

After the clean up we spent a couple hours playing games. This is the original good time gang right here. j.rue made sure every rule was followed and Cale and Micah had it out for each other. Ellie made sure to color on everything and mess up all the pieces. Traditions, traditions.

On Friday j.rue had to head back to work for half a day and then we spent the rest of the day putting up Christmas lights, stuffing our faces with Chinese food, and watching The Duff. Have you seen The Duff? It's worth a watch. Oh! we also put up the tree! It's still not decorated, but gosh she's pretty.

On Saturday we went to j.rue's family's annual Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, we get at least 2 Thanksgivings every year. It's delicious. It was so fun to catch up with family that we don't see nearly enough. Sadly this is the only picture I got, but as you can see, the kids had a blast too. Ellie loved running around with her cousins.

I'm so thankful for our families. The older I get, the more I love and cherish the time that we get to be with them. We seriously missed the family that we didn't get to be with this year. I'm especially thankful for my little family. I'd be lost without them. Oh I love them, so much actually that my heart might burst. Look at those faces. Heart eyes emoji. Also, here's a random smorgasbord of snaps from the weekend. Enjoy!


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fitz's Blessing Day

Dear Fitz,

You were blessed yesterday! It was a beautiful fall day and it couldn't have been anymore perfect. Here are some of the details so we never forget. You were blessed on Sunday November 1, 2015 by your daddy in Bountiful Utah in our ward, the Bountiful 3rd Ward. Your dad did such a beautiful job, he always does. In the circle: Jeremy, Great Grandpa Ray, Great Grandpa Lasater, Great Uncle Craig, Uncle James, Uncle Micah, Uncle Cale, Scott Strong, Jake Allen, Rob Holfeltz, and Bishop Roberts. We were missing your Papa Gary, he loves you so much. It was also so neat to have your Uncles Micah and Cale together in your circle. Micah got home from his mission last week and Cale leaves December 1st for Chile. You'll be 2 when he gets home. I can hardly believe it!

You were so good during your blessing, I didn't hear a peep. You slept through the rest of sacrament and then off and on afterwards. You happily let anyone snuggle you and were so patient when I forgot to feed you on schedule. You're laid back like that and bless you for being that way baby.

Your daddy blessed you with courage and many other wonderful things. We have your blessing transcribed if you would ever like to read it.

Your sister made sure you were entertained during sacrament meeting. She sang you all the hymns about 1 centimeter away from your face and gave you about a million kissed. You're so lucky to have such a doting big sister. I really and truly think she would do anything for you. She had fun running around with her friends Holden, Keila, and Sam and of course your cousins Brooklyn and Kendall were there.

After your blessing everyone gathered together at our home to celebrate you. Your Mimi and two of her friends (Alicia and Linda) ran the show. They made sure everyone was fed, everything looked pretty, and then cleaned up. They are angels. Your auntie Nin also saved us with BBQ sauce, my pork was a bit dry dang it. We had so many people come to show their love and support and to meet you. Your great grandmas loved holding and loving on you. We were also missing your Nana and Aunt Tori. They can't wait to meet you! I'm thinking you'll be spoiled with kisses come January.

That evening your mom and dad were pooped and your sister even fell asleep in her highchair (we also forgot to feed her, dang it). It was daylight savings time and were were all a bit thrown off. So, we spent the rest of the evening snuggling on the couch together. The perfect ending for the perfect day.

You are so loved Fitz. So many people are on your side rooting for you. I hope you never forget that.

Love, Mommy